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0.6 IS HERE!

0.6 is here!

In 0.6 we worked on balancing monsters, classes and again - Zen. So far everything with these new configurations seem to work. Reset prices are now way better than they were before and Zen drop is moderate, which we shouldn't touch anymore. If you notice a problem with some of the things that 0.6 includes - please report it in discord!

-------------------------------------[0.6 Changelog]-------------------------------------

Increased monster strength in following maps: Aida, Crywolf, Kanturu1-2, Kanturu Relics, Kalima.
Increased monster strength in following events: Skeleton King, White Wizard, Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Kanturu Event, Crywolf Event.

Fixed Random Class Party Experience.
Fixed Unique Class Party Experience.

Fixed Item level upgrade with Jewel of Soul Rate = 60% / 75%
Fixed Item upgrade with Jewel of Harmony Rate = 50% / 60%
Fixed Items +Luck success rate increases +10%

Event Experience = +10exp / +15exp

Added 1 Silver Valkyrie spot in Atlans.
Added 1 Lizard King spot in Atlans.
Added 1 Bloody Wolf spot in Tarkan.
Added 1 Iron Wheel spot in Tarkan.
Added 1 Tantalos spot in Tarkan.
Added 1 Zaikan spot in Tarkan.

Decreased Jewel Drop in Castle Deep.
Decreased overall Jewel Drop.
Decreased Dark Lord PvE damage.
Decreased Crest of Monarch drop.
Decreased Loch`s Feather drop.

Added Disconnect function when trying to login in account that is already online.

Increased Elf PvE damage.
Decreased Lord PvE damage.
Decreased Knight PvE damage.
Decreased Gladiator PvE damage.

Fixed Reset Cost to 20kk x Reset Amount.
Fixed VIP Reset Cost to 17kk x Reset Amount.

Fixed Zen drop.
Fixed Zen value drop.

Fixed 3rd Quest (all stages).

Fixed Bloody Golem skill.
Fixed Bloody Witch Queen skill.

Fixed /reset command in Crywolf.

Increased Zen Reward in Devil Square for all levels.

Fixed Dark Elf respawn time to 30 minutes.

Currently this is only one server.