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Economy Update 0.5

Please update your client to 0.5 version with Launcher.

In this update we patched some economy related things. Now we have a pretty good idea from statistics how much players can earn zen, jewels and other valuables. At the moment all players are moving with unreal speed and breaking the economy. It was time to adjust it, check below what has changed.

[0.5 Changelog]

Fixed Invasion duration times from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

Decreased drop rate for Dark Horse Spirit.

Decreased drop rate for Raven Spirit.

Decreased all jewel drop rate.

Fixed Dark Horse Spirit Sell Value to 2kk zen.

Fixed Raven Spirit Sell Value to 1kk zen.

Fixed Reset Prices. Added Orbs of Summon drop for ME.

Increased Horn of Uniria drop.

Increased MuHelper cost. Increased /post cost.

Increased move map cost.

Fix Scroll of Summon drop from Aida to Icarus.

Vote Reward Gold Credits decreased to 8 per vote.

Currently this is only one server.