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Hello and Welcome to all the players who have chosen to play on our brand new server. To celebrate the opening of the server and to show appreciation to the player base the Molten team has decided to hold 3 server wide events. These events will give you the ability to meet new players, and, of course most importantly gain some valuable prizes.


1st Event - Drop Event:

How To Play:

Everyone will gather near the Weapons Merchant in Devias. Afterwards various items will be dropped in the near vicinity. Your objective is to gather as many items as possible.


10x Jewel of Life

10x Box of Kundun +1

10x Box of Kundun +2


2nd Event - Hide n Seek:

How To Play:

Once the start of the event is announced I will hide somewhere in Lorencia, after the first person finds me they will request a trade and receive their reward. After that is done, I will announce the round winner and and relocate myself to Noria, and afterwards to Devias.


1. Each player can participate only once

2. If a person has found me once, and the same person is the first one I see in the next map, I will relocate somewhere else in the same map, to avoid any unfair advantages and tip offs.

Rewards: All 3 players who find me will have the option to choose between a Crest of Monarch or Loch's Feather


3rd Event - The Race:

How To Play:

Everyone will gather at the center of Noria safe zone. All the participants will be given a Uniria witch they will use to reach their destination. To avoid cheating, everyone will be set as PK. Your goal will be to reach the church located at Devias 2 only using the warp points located at Noria and Lorencia.


1. No killing

2. No clearing PK and warping

3. No removing Uniria to gain speed boost.



1st Place - 5x Box of Kundun +3

2nd Place - 3x Box of Kundun +3

3rd Place - 1x Box of Kundun +3


Anyone found breaking the rules will be disqualified and void any rewards.

Currently this is only one server.