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Fresh 0.7 changelog! Update your launcher!

[0.7 Changelog]

Increased monster strength in following maps: Kanturu1-2, Kanturu Relics.
Chaos Castle Monsters damage & defense reduced.

Increased Death Bone health.
Increased Death King health.
Increased Destructive Ogre Soldier health.
Increased Destructive Ogre Archer health.
Increased White Wizard health.
Increased Budge Dragon health.
Increased Golden Goblin health.
Increased Golden Dark Knight health.
Increased Golden Devil health.
Increased Golden Derkon health.
Increased Golden Crust health.
Increased Golden Lizard King health.
Increased Golden Stone Golem health.
Increased Golden Tantalos health.
Increased Golden Satyros health.
Increased Maya Hands health.
Increased Maya health.    
Increased Nightmare health.
Increased Erohim health.
Increased Kundun health.
Increased Balgass health.

Increased Maya Hands damage.
Increased Maya damage.
Increased Nightmare damage.
Increased Erohim damage.
Increased Kundun damage.
Increased Balgass damage.

Increased Durability for Weapons.
Increased Durability for Armor.
Increased Durability for Wings.
Increased Durability for Rings & Pendants.
Increased Durability for Guardians.
Increased Durability for Pets.

Murderers now cannot use shops & trade with other players.
When players are in party they cannot kill each other accidentally.

Increased ME PvE damage.
Increased MG PvE damage.
Increased SM PvE damage.

Changed SM PvP damage.
Changed BK PvP damage.
Changed ME PvP damage.
Changed MG PvP damage.
Changed DL PvP damage.

Upon Gold Credit purchase you will get more (Everyone who purchased GC before 0.7 will be compensated).
Changed Chaos Card price to 430GC.
Changed Chaos Card price to 1250HP.
Changed Devil Square Ticket price to 300GC.
Changed Blood Castle Ticket price to 350GC.
Changed Kalima Ticket price to 400GC.
Changed Devil Square Ticket price to 1000HP.
Changed Blood Castle Ticket price to 1100HP.
Changed Kalima Ticket price to 1200HP.

Fixed Wings of Heaven slot problem.
Fixed Wings of Soul slot problem.

Fixed Chaos Machine % rates.

Fixed Duel Damage not showing correct.

Small Interface Changes.


Currently this is only one server.