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Today we are ready to present to you our plans regarding the future of our server, more precisely our roadmap for the month of July. 
To start it off, we have planed a multitude of events that will be running throughout the month. 






Event Week 1 (01.07 - 07.0.7)

5x Vote reward to everyone who votes for our server on our web

The Great Invasion

Event Week 2 (08.07 - 14.07)

Muren Academy

Event Week 3 & 4 (15.07 - 31.07)

Honor Hunters Event


Specific details of each event will be released once their designated time will be drawing nearer, so stay tuned for that. But events do not conclude our plans for the month, no they are just a small part of it. We want to give our players the best experience possible, and to do so, we must keep moving forward, and here are the planed features that we feel should bring us in that direction:

Master Level point reset

Character balancing taking multiple ML distribution scenarios in mind

Quest System

Grand Reset System

Castle Siege Event

Compensation System

Dynamic Exp


Note that, as most of these features are only in planning stages we might not be able to finish all of them until the end of the month, how ever, our goal is to be as transparent as possible and to achieve that we wish to keep you in the loop as much as possible. We hope that you will be satisfied with our future prospects and together we will keep on making the server better.

Currently this is only one server.