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0.4 version is out. On this patch we ironed out some previous issues that players have encountered.

If you find that same bugs still exist after you updated your client, please report it in our discord.

[0.4 Changelog]

Increased Orbs for ME drop. 
Increased Orbs for BK drop.
Increased Orbs for MG drop.
Increased Scrolls for SM drop.
Increased Scrolls for DL drop.

Decreased SM PvE damage. 
Increased BK PvE damage. 
Increased ME PvE damage. 
Increased DL PvE damage. 

Added player quick offer menu (left alt + right mouse click on player) 

Added more items in Silver Medal.
Added more items in Gold Medal.

Minor edits in Devias map.
Minor edits in Atlans map.
Minor edits in Aida map. 

Added /attack command.
Added /offattack command.
Added /offpvp command that disables/enables PVP for your character with 30 minute delay. (works until 5 resets (VIP infinite)).
Fixed /readd command (Delay: 30minutes).

Fixed Kanturu Event opening to every 3hours. 

DS Honor Point Reward Reduced by 30%.
BC Honor Point Reward Reduced by 30%. 
CC Honor Point Reward Reduced by 30%.
Golden Goblin spawn increased from 5 to 10. 

Added Phantom Soldier in Lorencia. 
Added Phantom Soldier in Noria.
Added Phantom Soldier in Devias. 
Phantom Soldier buff until 250 level (VIP 350 level). 

Enabled Happy Hours from 22:00 - 00:00 server time (+50exp) 

1st level Wings mix rate changed from 75% to 80% (VIP 95%) 
2nd level Wings mix rate changed from 65% to 70% (VIP 85%) 
3rd level Wings mix rate changed from 60% to 65% (VIP 80%) 
Chaos Weapon mix rate changed from 80% to 100%

Currently this is only one server.