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Planned Configuration

Subject to change

  • Base / Master Experience: 1000 / 10
  • Party Experience: +10% per person
  • Zen & Jewel Drop: Low
  • Monsters & Events: Strong / Hard
  • Max Excellent / Socket Options: 2 / 3
  • Items / Stats after Reset: Saved / 500 free points x reset
  • Additional Features

    List is automatically updated whenever new feature has been added

    [✔️ Completed] [⌛ Being Worked On]

  • Increased FPS for Smoother Game ✔️
  • 3D Camera ✔️
  • Auto-Reconnect ✔️
  • Quest System ⌛
  • Ingame Rank System ⌛
  • Custom Items ⌛
  • Custom Maps ⌛
  • Custom Bosses ⌛
  • Market in Website ✔️
  • Ingame Auctions ⌛
  • Launcher with Auto-Update ✔️
  • Party with password ✔️
  • HP & SD Bars Above Characters ✔️
  • Up to 5 connections from same IP ✔️
  • MuHelper ✔️
  • Duel Bet System ✔️
  • Dynamic Reset Price ⌛
  • About Molten

    We are a community driven server - your feedback in our Discord Server means something and will be taken into consideration as we want to hear our players! With continuous updates - together we will make this server a great place to be!

    Proper economy is what we're always aiming for. Playing on Molten will require you to have a lot of Zen, so prepare to trade with other players or sell your valuable items in our Website Market. Jewels are important as always. In most events you will have a chance to receive nice Jewel rewards.

    We have character progression system in place. You won't be able to progress through the maps only with your stats. Items will play a big role in your progression. Make sure to farm the best ones before going further!

    Maps are filled with spots so everyone has a place, although we recommend to party up with other people for extra experience and faster leveling. Even if spots are taken by other Players we have no problem to add more.

    If you are interested in this project we highly recommend to join our Discord server to share your opinion!