Custom Season 3 with new custom content and systems to enhance your experience greatly! We offer x100 server with good monster configuration that will challenge you! Balance between Players has also been thoroughly checked and fixed, and we'll continue to perfect it so you can choose any class you wish and not feel weak. We understand that MuOnline Players are mature who have jobs and responsibilities so for easier leveling and collecting items we have implemented MuHelper to aid you if you don't have a lot of time to constantly be present. Even if you have to turn your PC off - we got you covered! Our new commands allow you to level up while being offline.

Events are also designed to be challenging because they are the main place to get best items. Don't expect to conquer everything in your first resets! Some of our offered events will require you to gather more people in order to succeed. Time to time we will release more custom designed events for new content with possibly new rewards!

Prefer PvE over PvP? We have a perfect solution for you! Players until 30th reset can use /offpvp command that will completely disable any PvP between you and others. Command itself is free to use in normal maps (except event maps) and has 30 minute delay.

Maps are filled with spots so everyone has a place, although we recommend to party up with other people for extra experience and faster leveling. Even if spots are taken by other Players we have no problem to add more.

Economy is what we're always trying to solve. Dynamic Reset Price will require you a lot of zen, so prepare to trade with other players or sell your valuable items in Market. Jewels are important as always. In most events you will have a chance to receive nice Jewel rewards.

Honor System have been implemented since day one. Its a basic reward system after you have successfully won an event. Honor Points are used as an alternative to Gold Credits (Gold Credits are only obtainable by Voting for Server, Donating to Server or in Special Events). You can purchase boxes in our Cash Shop with either Honor Points (HP) or Gold Credits (GC) to get some crazy good items. For our weekly Honor Quest where you can get amazing prizes you will also be required to have X amount of Honor Points to participate. With this method we got perfect balance for those who want to purchase Gold Credits and for those who don't. Both type of Players will get the same opportunities, making MoltenMu - Play To Win Server!

Community! We are a community driven server - your feedback in our Discord Server means something and will be taken into consideration as we want to hear our players! With continuous updates - together we will make this server a great place to be!


Version: Season 3

Experience: 100

Server Type: PvP (With PvE possibilities).

Item Drop: 10%

Points per Level: SM/BK/ME: 5 (+1) | MG: 7 | DL: 7

Master Points per Master Level: 1

Max Level: 400

Max Master Level: 500

Reset Level: 400

Max Resets: 50

Max Stats: 32'000

Stats After Reset: Saved

Items After Reset: Saved

Allowed same IP connections: Up to 5 Accounts

Party Bonus EXP: Yes

PvP Balance: Yes

PvE Balance: Yes

Max Excellent Options: 2


Devil Square: Yes

Blood Castle: Yes

Chaos Castle: Yes

Skeleton King Invasion: Yes

White Wizard Invasion: Yes

Red Dragon Invasion: Yes

Golden Troop Invasion: Yes

Nightmare Event: Yes

Kundun Event: Yes

Castle Deep: Yes

Balgass Invasion: Yes

Castle Siege: Reserved Until Enough Guilds Are Active

Devias Drop: Yes


Honor System: Yes

Duel Bets: Yes

Increased FPS for Smoother Game

3D Camera: F10/F11/MMB Buttons

Mini-Map: TAB Button

Auto-Reconnect: Yes

Quest System: Yes

HP & SD Bars Above Characters: Yes

MuHelper: Yes

Auto Attack: Yes (/attack command)

Off Attack: Yes (/offattack command)

Off Store: Yes (/offstore command)

Party Password: Yes (/setparty <1234> & /joinparty <1234>)

PvE Mode: Yes (/offpvp command)

Launcher With Auto-Updates: Yes

Market System: Yes