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In 0.9 we introduced a brand new Steel Case.

Case is meant for players who are constantly missing on Balgass Invasion and it will provide you an opportunity to get those items.

Currently we offer Steel Case in our Cash Shop for Honor Points or Gold Credits.

At the moment this our most expensive box, but its worth to get!

By dropping it you will get one piece of the following sets (weapons are not included):

       (Venom Mist)              (Dragon Knight)               (Sylphid Ray)                (Volcano)                   (Sunlight)


These items from Steel Case will drop with 100% chance of 2 Excellent options as well as with +Luck and +4 Additional Defense.


To reward our new players and as a BIG THANK YOU to our loyal players since day one, we have a weekly event ready!

The event is called Devias Drop. You will need to go to Devias center to participate in this event.


All you have to do is just collect the rewards that we have prepared for you! So make sure your inventory has enough space and you brought fast fingers with you.

Rewards are evenly spread out, meaning there are things that will help our new players in their progression and rewards for those who are established in the server, but still missing a few pieces here and there.

What rewards are included in this event? Here you have a list of them:

- 30x Jewel of Bless                                      - 30x Jewel of Soul

- 30x Jewel of Life                                         - 30x Jewel of Creation

- 15x Jewel of Chaos                                    - 10x Jewel of Guardian   

- 5x Jewel of Harmony                                  - 10x Box of Kundun +1

- 10x Box of Kundun +2                                - 7x Box of Kundun +3

- 5x Box of Kundun +4                                  - 5x Box of Kundun +5

- 5x Chaos Card                                            - 3x Silver Box

- 3x Golden Box                                            - 2x Elegant Jewelry Case

- 2x Steel Case                                              - 1x Condor Flame

1x Feather of Condor

Event is completely automatic without presence of GMs. Start of the event will occur every Saturday 12:00AM on the dot.


Hope to see You all there! And here's a video of how it works.



Currently this is only one server.