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Server Rules

1. Account Ownership
1.1 Account ownership is non-transferable and is the property of the creator.
1.2 All players are responsible for their account and IP address.
1.3 Players must not trade their accounts for money or valuables.
1.4 Upon registration you agree to use active email address and verify it with provided link in your inbox.
2. Credits Purchase
2.1 Contact the owners of Molten-Mu via discord if you experience any issues with credits.
2.2 Purchased credits are non-refundable.
2.3 Purchased credits are non-transferable.

3. Character Creation
3.1 Character name and login must correspond to langauge regulations.
3.2 Character name must not contain any form of insults.
3.3 Character name must not be similar to Admin's or GM's name.

4. Hacking and Exploits
4.1 Players must not have mods, trainers, or any kind of software installed that gives any advantage.
4.2 Server bugs may not be used for advantage and must be reported in our discord.
4.3 Players must not use patches that are not included into original clients package for fraudulent purposes.

5. Advertising and Public Chat
5.1 It is prohibited to advertise or discuss other MuOnline communities on Molten platform including self created content.
5.2 /post should not be spammed.
5.3 Do not instult or threaten players and administration.
5.4 Racial or religious discrimination, expressing racial or religious dislike causing conflict is prohibited.
5.5 Do not use obscene language.
5.6 It is prohibited to pretend to be an Administrator or a GM.
5.7 It is prohibited to ask other players login or password.
5.8 It is prohibited to distribute any false information.

6. Reporting another player
6.1 Reports only count in #player-report channel in our Discord.
6.2 Report cannot be submitted if it's older than 24 hours.
6.3 Report must consist of providing description of the situation.
6.4 Report must consist of a recorded or screenshotted material where rules are being broken with visible rulebreakers nickname.
6.5 Provided proof of recording or screenshot must be unedited in any way or of poor quality otherwise it will be dismissed.
6.5 Reported player has 24hours to reply to Admin with his explanation through Discord DMs.

Administration does not need your account and password. Knowing the name of the character admins can check and solve the problem WITHOUT KNOWING YOUR PASSWORD.
Passwords are coded in the database, so no one knows them except you. By no means reveal your password in the game. 
Administration does not need your items. Do not give your items to anyone - even if you will be threatened by ban or account removal. 
If any problem or rule violation by other players occurs, please contact responsible GMs.


Currently this is only one server.